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Tilly Trevitt

Untitled Landscape Painting

Untitled Landscape Painting

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Original painting. Acrylic on canvas, 32.8cm x 32.8cm (framed). 2024. 

"Untitled Landscape Painting was painted while I was in New Zealand/Aoteorea in early 2024. The scene was inspired by a real view from a family member’s house I stayed at in Matakana. I began the piece there and completed it in Auckland, painting the frame to match and extend the sky."

"New Zealand is known for its breathtaking scenery but I also feel personally connected to it. My mum was born and grew up there and I’ve been lucky enough to visit multiple times as a child and adult." 

"Heading out this time, I planned to experiment with expanding into landscape painting. I wanted the pieces to be simple yet impactful in style, focusing on bold, fresh colours and textural nuance. My hope is that Untitled Landscape Painting can lend a similar feeling of peace and serenity to the viewer as I got from gazing out at the rolling expanse of greens and blues I saw in Matakana.” 

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