I'm a 27-year-old self-taught artist from London, who creates both abstract and figurative works. My art is an exploration of the Self, focusing on neurodivergence, identity and divine love.

I create to support my mental health, process emotions and uplift myself with bright colours and moments of play/flow. My practice is centred on reconnecting with my inner child/teen and divine feminine energy. It often taps into childhood nostalgia as a result.

My style is playful, vivid and poetically intense. Works range from bustling abstract paintings and mixed media artworks to minimal line drawings depicting fruit, flora and figures. I am an intuitive maker and enjoy experimenting with ‘childish’ materials - including kids’ craft supplies, stickers, glitter and chalk - alongside 'professional' mediums such as paint and oil pastel. Recently, I’ve begun incorporating more words and collaged elements into my artworks.

Painting and drawing regularly gives me somewhere to ‘put’ the constant swirl of stuff inside my busy ADHD brain - decluttering it by externalising what’s inside. This allows me to better understand myself and offer others a window into my internal world. I think of my pieces as testaments to whatever I was processing at the time, crystallised on paper or canvas. They are ‘snapshots’ of my mind.

I studied English Literature at the University of Oxford (BA and Master’s, 2016-2020) and have not had a formal education in Fine Art beyond AS Level.

Since beginning to share my art in September 2023, it has featured in exhibitions with The Holy Art Gallery, Blue Hour Studios, VVArts Studio, Virtual Artists and others. I was also selected as one of Artsted's '99 Future Blue Chip Artists' for 2024.

Influences include Jean-Michel Basquiat, Philip Guston, Ken Done and Georgia O'Keefe.