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Tilly Trevitt



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Original painting. Acrylic paint on canvas, 50cm x 100cm. 2024. 

"Neolithic was inspired by prehistoric cave paintings, which have always struck and haunted me. I believe that creating art is an attempt to understand and make peace with the vast, inexplicable nature of both the world and the Self. Cave paintings record the very human yearning to leave a mark through art; to create a witness to one’s own existence. It is perhaps the purest ‘I was here’ there can be.

"To me, 'simplistic' abstract art is powerful because it carries on this legacy, embodying that same desire to a degree that can be felt by the viewer. I kept mainly to a very limited, earthy colour palette of reds and oranges when creating Neolithic, and primarily used my hands and fingers to apply and blend the paint. During the first sitting - when the bulk of the painting was created - I burned incense repeatedly to aid in creating a dreamy, trance-like flow state in which to work." 

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