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Original mixed media artwork. Acrylic, oil pastel, pen and pencil on canvas, 31cm x 31cm. 2023. Measures 34.3cm x 34.3cm in floater frame. 

"5D was created in late September 2023, as part of a series focused on my ADHD. The companion piece is called ADHD. I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult at age 25, in late 2022, and have spent the year and a half since coming to terms with this. I hoped initially that medication would be the answer to getting a ‘normal’ brain. It didn’t work for me and made me feel a lot worse. Regular creation, however, has made a significant difference and is arguably my medicine of choice."

"Playing with colours, shapes, textures and different materials gets me out of my head and gives me somewhere to ‘put’ the constant swirl of stuff going on inside my very busy brain. Seeing my jumbled thoughts and emotions become a vivid finished piece on canvas or paper has also helped me to make peace with my brain and see the beauty in it. I am heavily inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat and can see his influence clearly here."

Please be aware that this artwork has been selected for display at an upcoming show (Blue Hour Studios and Verity Wooley's 'LOOK IF YOU WANT' at The Pelican Peckham). It is available to buy in the meantime but can only be delivered/collected after May 25th 2024. 

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