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Tilly Trevitt



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Original abstract artwork. Mixed media on canvas, 31cm x 31cm. 

"This piece is an intuitive work created in May 2024, shortly after moving into my new studio. In the weeks beforehand, I had been preparing several small figurative paintings for an upcoming makers' market. I'd had the idea to create very simplistic, very neat versions of classic children's artworks. A little red house, a pink princess castle, an apple, an orange, a pear... Initially, things went well."

"However, as I kept working on them, the frustration built. Though I could see each image clearly in my head and kept getting close, something was always slightly imperfect about them. I kept painting more and more layers, each time hoping/believing the next session would finally be the last. A few days prior to the event, they still weren't looking how I wanted them to and I was in a major negative spiral about my abilities as an artist. I realised I needed to take the pressure off and thought, "Fuck it, I'll just ruin them on purpose.'" 

"The works that resulted from that decision - including this one - are some of my favourites I've ever created. They speak to me in a new way and make me feel as if I've unlocked a new level of self-expression. I've realised since that moment where things shifted that the drive for perfection was holding me back and keeping my mind narrow to the possibilities of the piece. I love children's drawings because of their spirit - they feel free and honest and naive in a good way. I hadn't been able to recreate that initially because I wasn't approaching the work the way a child actually would." 

"I was being an adult about it - trying to control my impulses and how they were expressed, both on and off the canvas. A child lets themselves get angry when things aren't working out the way they want. They feel. They express. And then they try again." 

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