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Tilly Trevitt

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

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Original mixed media abstract artwork. Acrylic, gouache, stickers, collage, soft pastel, pencil and pen on canvas, 80cm x 61cm (unframed). 2024. 

"This abstract painting began as an ode to my inner teenage Tumblr era self. It incorporated cutouts from magazine pages and personal photographs. Out of embarrassment, I painted over this and reworked it in a variety of styles and moods. It was eventually 'finished' in a highly expressive, fluid style I began experimenting with in very early 2024. I felt sad at having erased - and been ashamed of - that girlhood part of me and attempted to reclaim it by scratching into the painting to emphasise some of those earlier elements again." 

"I often feel when creating a new painting that I am locked in a silent, invisible battle with my Self and trying to negotiate towards a peace treaty. I have never felt it quite so acutely as I did here. It is also the first time where I was conscious that this was the subject of the artwork DURING its creation. It is titled Self Portrait in recognition of that." 

"Although visually my style is far removed from Philip Guston’s, his work - and discussion about it - has been hugely influential.  This quote continues to haunt me: 'The canvas is a court where the artist is prosecutor, defendant, jury and judge… You cannot settle out of court.'"

Please be aware that this artwork has been selected for display at an exhibition with London Lighthouse Gallery and Art Gemini Prize in July 2024. It can be reserved/purchased in the meantime and will be available for delivery or collection after the show closes. 

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