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Tilly Trevitt

Lonely Rose

Lonely Rose

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Original painting, depicting a rose in a vase. Acrylic on canvas. Measures 18cm x 23cm (framed). Hanging hardware on reverse.

“This work made its debut at the North London Makers’ Market in late May 2024, alongside Miss Clem. These works are the two surviving pieces from a new series created across April/May. Originally there were two further paintings of the same size, depicting an apple and a pear. However, those were abandoned and painted over in a fit of emotion. This is often a part of the process when I work on a new series - only a fraction of what I envision and begin to create is fully realised, kept and made available for sale." 

"Currently I have no plans to return to this precise style of representation; however, it is very likely I will return to the subject matter in new ways. Possibly due to my neurodivergence, I find myself returning again and again to the same fruits and flowers. Red flowers such as roses and poppies are a particularly recurrent motif in my work. I am almost obsessively drawn to depicting them and have done so across many mediums and in styles which range from nearly realist to highly abstract. It is partly that I find comfort it in, but may also be that I am seeking to uncover something that continues to elude me."

"I am reminded by this curious process, of Georgia O’Keeffe’s door paintings. Perhaps the fruits and flowers are MY door paintings and will continue to haunt me for the rest of my life. In a way, I sort of hope they do. Seeking something - grasping for something - is very human. It keeps us evolving and growing creatively.”

"This particular piece also makes me think of Beauty and The Beast. Belle, asking her father for a rose and inadvertently propelling herself into a new life and story.  I see parallels with my own journey to becoming a painter/artist - how a simple decision can have a rippling effect that change's one life. As for the everlasting rose in that tale, I feel that this speaks to what the artist seeks to achieve by representing something. A painted object, moment or thought can be paused in time. It can be preserved forever, cheating death. Both are also symbols of devotion. I believe very deeply that to create is an act of worship of sorts." 

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