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Girl Eats World

Girl Eats World

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Original mixed media artwork. Gouache, acrylic and glitter on canvas, 26.2cm x 26.2cm. 2024. Details on the sides as well as front. 

"I made Girl Eats World and its companion piece, Atomic Habits, in January 2024. At the time I was really struggling with how miserable and cold and dark the weather was and felt very demotivated. I couldn’t paint outside in the garden as I usually do because it was too wet and I found it stressful bringing my big canvases inside because paint would get everywhere. One solution was to work on some much smaller canvases instead."

"The pieces have a very similar vibe to Basket Case, which I’d painted in December 2023 and was displaying on my bedroom wall and refining with new collage elements in January 2024. That makes sense given I was still making my way out of a bout of seasonal depression and processing a lot of the same feelings." 

"I’ve noticed I often to turn to super bright abstract pieces when I’m in lower moods - Headstrong is the prime example - and I think it’s because using them uplifts me."

"The alternative working title for this work was Abstract In Miniature #2." 

Please be aware that this artwork has been selected for display at an exhibition with London Lighthouse Gallery and ArtGemini Prize in July 2024. It can be reserved/purchased in the meantime and will be available for delivery or collection after the show closes. 

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