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everything! is! fine!

everything! is! fine!

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Original mixed media abstract artwork. Acrylic and gouache paint, oil pastel, soft pastel, pencil, glitter and stickers on canvas, 80.5cm x 60cm (unframed). 2023. 

"everything! is! fine! was painted in early November 2023. This painting is a love letter to my inner child. During children's 'playtimes' there are usually still some rules ('stay within X', 'don't do Y in this area') yet they are still more than capable of playing in an uninhabited way. Curious to see what would happen if I imposed a gentle limitation on my own practice, I challenged myself to create my first mono-colour work."

"Interestingly, being forced to adhere to this rule encouraged me to experiment with creating variation in other ways - for example, incorporating extra materials to create textural nuance. I applied many, many layers of washable kids' paint to give the painting a thick texture and sunny base shade, using a sponge, paint roller and my hands to keep the surface smooth. Shapes were carved into the piece with the ends of pencils and paintbrushes of varying size. I also incorporated stickers and glow-in-the-dark paint here for the first time.

"Towards the end of the process, I found myself testing the boundaries of the colour's limits, adding yellows at the palest and darkest ends of the spectrum that were almost white or orange. The style is deliberately very childlike and simplistic." 

"This artwork was partly inspired by a visit to the Young V&A the weekend prior. Here, I saw an exhibit where objects were organised by colour. I liked that the objects were so random and yet all unified."

"The title is pronounced with adherence to the punctuation - as if it was being shouted very emphatically - with pauses after each exclamation mark. Alternative titles considered during the making process included let it mellow, sleepwalking and where's the sun gone? It was exhibited with Virtual Artists in November 2023 and VVArts Studio in January 2024."

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