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Tilly Trevitt

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

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Original mixed media painting. Acrylic and gouache on canvas, 31cm x 31cm. Measures 34.3cm x 34.3cm in hand-painted wooden floater frame. 

"Bird Of Paradise is an intuitive work, created while in flow state. There were no direct inspirations or intentions. I used my hands and brushes to apply and blend paint on the canvas, before adding a white border to 'frame' it. To me, it symbolises freedom."

"I chose the title after I noticed one corner resembled the distinctive, vibrantly coloured bird/plant of that name. This was by coincidence - something that beautifully embodies what I love most about expressive abstract art. In my opinion, the lack of fixed subject and meaning (beyond the feeling that is expressed) allows the artwork to exist in a state of pure potential. It remains more open, expansive and infinite than a figurative work."

"Others will see something entirely different to me, and neither is right or wrong. A secondary title for this artwork is Delta Of Venus. A friend told me this piece looked to them like a combination of two Alt-J album covers ('An Awesome Wave' and 'This Is All Yours’) and I can see the landscape in it too. I like that it operates as a kind of optical illusion."

Bird Of Paradise is framed in a wooden floater frame, hand-painted to match the internal 'frame’ on the canvas. There is sturdy hanging hardware on the back. 

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