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Tilly Trevitt

Basket Case

Basket Case

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Original mixed media artwork. Acrylic paint, marker/pen, soft pastel, oil pastel and collage on canvas, 91.5cm x 61.5cm (unframed). 2024.

"Basket Case is an exploration of mental health and neurodivergence. The piece was motivated by a bout of seasonal depression combined with learning about the work of German artist Emma Hauck. Hauck had written the phrase 'Darling, come' (in German) over and over while attempting to write a letter to her husband from a mental hospital where she was institutionalised. It touched a nerve, pushing me to think about the stigmatisation of psychiatric disorders and less 'attractive' (socially acceptable) symptoms of disintegrating mental health. The piece was nearly titled Darling, Come as a result." 

"Begun in December 2023, Basket Case explores my fear of being sent to an asylum or deemed 'mad' for expressing the more 'unstable' parts of of my own mind. Expressing myself - and supporting my mental health through such expression - is one of my main motivators for creating art. I continued incorporating new elements into the piece as the New Year began and my mental health slowly improved again with more regular creation. This was one of the first times I had begun taking collage seriously as an artistic medium." 

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